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Vata & the Subdoshas – Santa Cruz Ayurveda

This week we’re speaking all about Vata! It’s Vata season, which suggests it’s largely chilly, dry and cellular (wind) within the climate patterns. You will need to hold this dosha in stability and in its correct seat to keep away from manufacturing and accumulation of poisons. Vata dosha is a mix of the air and ether parts. This represents motion, motion and transportation. The qualities of Vata are dry, gentle, chilly, tough, refined and cellular. Vata is in our actions, actions, respiratory, speech, detox, coronary heart pumping and sense of contact. It’s the kindler of digestive hearth, opener of cell partitions and channels, and develops and delivers infants. The seat of Vata is within the stomach cavity bellow the stomach button within the giant gut and colon. It is usually within the pelvis, thighs, pores and skin, ears, bones, coronary heart, mind, nervous system and lungs.

Every dosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) all have 5 subdoshas that exist. Every of those subdoshas represents the 5 parts (ether, air, hearth, water, earth) that tie in to the complexity of every dosha. The 5 subdoshas of Vata are additionally known as the 5 vayus.

Prāna Vayu: Ether. Downwards & inwards motion. Head to navel.

Location: Mind, lungs, coronary heart, throat, tongue, nostril and ears.

Increased cerebral operate, inhalation and consumption of substance. Power that drives our life power. Heightened vitality and sensitivity.

Chakra: coronary heart & third eye

Herbs: brahmi, gotu kola, tulsi


Udāna Vayu: Air. Upwards movement- diaphragm to lungs and throat to mind.

Location: Primarily within the chest, strikes from the navel to the center, lungs, throat and mind. 

Exhalation of carbon dioxide. Progress of physique, standing, speech and can. Progress in consciousness and deep sleep into deep realms.

Chakra: throat 

Herbs: licorice, ashwagandha


Samāna Vayu: Hearth. Inwards movement- strikes linearly from periphery to middle.

Location: Abdomen, small and enormous gut, liver, pancreas and spleen.

Stimulates secretion of digestive juices and liver enzymes. Balancing power that creates starvation.

Digestion on all levels- meals/psychological/sensory. Creates trunk of physique. Love, true self, peace, atman (soul) as hearth inside, helps one return to core of being

Chakra: photo voltaic plexus

Herbs: ajwan, hingvastak, ginger


Apāna Vayu: Earth. Downward and outward motion.

Location: Colon, pelvic cavity, pelvic organs and kidneys.

Accountable for conception and power in childbirth. Osteoporosis is dysfunction of apana.

Chakra: sacral & root

Protects from unfavourable astral influences and false lecturers. Eliminates unfavourable experiences. Deep groundedness.

Herbs: triphala, ghee, haritaki


Vyāna Vayu: Water. Outward round motion of energy- from middle (navel) to periphery and full physique.

Location: Coronary heart, circulation, motion of joints and muscle mass via neural pathways. Creates limbs. Retains clear channels and expands power subject

Chakra: photo voltaic plexus & complete physique

Herbs: arjuna, sesame oil, black pepper

Every vayu performs in essential position within the stream of Vata dosha within the physique. Issues beneath stomach button must do with apana, on the stomach button are samana, and above stomach button are prana. There are herbs, pranayama, yoga and meditation that deal with every of those 5 vayus, working to get the interior winds to go in the fitting stream and route. The herbs listed above are for reference; please seek the advice of an herbalist or well being practitioner earlier than heavy use of any robust herbs. Keep in mind to eat heat nourishing meals and oleate the physique. Consult with our previous articles for extra tips about autumn self care! Could we keep in stability on this present time of robust Vata season 🙂








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