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The PECS Technique For Reaching Your Weight loss program And Exercise Targets

QUESTION: What’s PECS? You point out it on a regular basis and also you’ve most likely defined it earlier than however I assume I missed it.

ANSWER: PECS is an excellent easy eating regimen and exercise idea that’s going to avoid wasting you important effort and time and make the method of shedding fats, constructing muscle, and bettering your physique and well being as straightforward for you as it will probably probably be.

Intrigued? Let me clarify…

Right here’s How It Works

You know the way there are specific basic eating regimen and exercise necessities that you might want to put into motion in an effort to get outcomes?

You recognize… the vital stuff that can account for 95% of your success?

Stuff like a caloric deficit for shedding fats, progressive overload for constructing muscle, and that type of stuff?

Properly, after you have these components coated, there are nonetheless 100 different components that matter, however the specifics of that are a lot much less vital.

But these are typically the components that folks spend essentially the most time obsessing over, adjusting, eager about, worrying about, being distracted by, and customarily shedding their minds over.

Regardless that, once more, they’re components that primarily play a supporting position to these basic necessities that matter most.

Thankfully, there’s a quite simple technique to cope with these varied supporting components.

The PECS Technique

And that’s by doing no matter is most preferable, satisfying, handy, and sustainable for you.

This can be a sentence I’ve been writing for years.

It’s in my articles. It’s in my books. It’s within the weekly emails I ship to subscribers. It’s in my replies to your messages. It’s in all places.

And one random day, as I used to be writing out some model of this sentence for the a thousandth time, I observed one thing.



Right here’s How To Use It


  • Must you exercise 3 or 4 days per week? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you eat 0.8g or 1g of protein per pound of physique weight? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you use an higher/decrease cut up or push/pull/legs? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you eat white rice or brown rice? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you do squats or leg presses? Barbell press or dumbbell press? Pull-ups or chin-ups or lat pull-downs? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you eat 3 meals or 6 meals a day? Eat breakfast or skip it? Eat dinner at 6pm or 9pm? No matter is most PECS for you.
  • Must you create a caloric deficit by consuming much less, burning extra, or doing a little mixture of the 2? No matter is most PECS for you.

Right here’s Why It Works

In the long run, the largest key to your success is placing the elemental necessities in your aim into motion constantly.

And the largest key to creating that consistency occur is placing every little thing collectively in no matter method is most Preferable, Fulfilling, Handy, and Sustainable for you.

That’s what “PECS” is.

So, everytime you’re confused about some eating regimen or exercise issue, otherwise you’re attempting to determine between totally different choices, otherwise you’re questioning what’s going to work greatest for you, take a minute and ask your self what’s most PECS for you in that state of affairs.

Normally, that can be all it takes to get the right reply you want.



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