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The 7 Dhātus (Tissues) – Santa Cruz Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, there are 7 layers of tissues within the physique. These tissues create our composition and all of its capabilities. From a dietary perspective, every stage of tissue is nourished from meals consumption that flows into the subsequent tissue. Typically there may be deficiency in vitamin, inflicting a halt to the movement, particularly to the deepest layers. There are bodily signs that may level to the tissue the place nourishment is stopped, exhibiting up as bodily and psychological imbalances. When the tissue is sufficiently nourished, there are superior by-products that preserve the physique lubricated and glowing. The tissues can be overly elevated, inflicting congestion at that tissue stage. Correct vitamin and motion is necessary to maintain all of the tissues and the deepest layers in a state of growth, detoxing and nourishment.

As a result of the cascade of vitamins nourishes all of the tissues, we need to first handle rasa (plasma) within the case of an imbalance. When adequate, these ample ranges will overflow to the subsequent layer and so forth. To extend nourishment, we are able to work with Rasāyanas (rejuvenation herbs & meals) to nourish the tissues, promote longevity and good well being. There are additionally particular meals and herbs that may goal tissues that want extra assist.

The Seven Dhātus:

Rasa (Plasma)

~Preenan (Nourishment)

-Carries vitamins to the tissues

-Composes your complete lymphatic system

-Holds collectively common religion

-Clear notion, religion, love and belief

-Prime layer of pores and skin, lactation and menstruation

Indicators of imbalance: lack of religion, heaviness, chilly extremities, dehydration, dizziness, irritated by loud noise, dry pores and skin & anemia.


Rakta (Blood)

~Jeevana (Life Giving)

-Carries oxygen to the tissues and waste merchandise away

-Pink blood cells, offers oxygen to each cell (liable for breath)

-Produces blood vessels and small tendons/sinews

-Molecules carrying oxygen assist combat an infection and enhance immunity

Indicators of imbalance: eczema/psoriasis, pink cheeks, bruises simply, anemia and enlarged liver/spleen.


Mamsa (Muscular tissues)

~Lepana (Supporting)

-Covers important organs, strikes joints, metabolism and power

-Stiff muscle mass will be from unresolved feelings and stress

Indicators of imbalance: fibroids, stiffness, muscle atrophy/hypertrophy, fatigue, TMJ points, emaciation and joint dislocation.


Meda (Fats)

~Snehana (Lubricating)

-Lubricates tissues

-Creates endorphins and feeling of being grounded

-Flat muscle mass, sinews, tendons and ligaments

-Thyroid, adrenal and pituitary operate

Indicators of imbalance: weight problems, lethargy, gallstones, arthritis, lumbago, enlarged spleen and diabetes.


Asthi (Bones)

~Dharana (Stabilizing)

-Helps construction

-Bones, enamel, hair & nails

-Bones carry seeds from previous lives and unresolved hurts & unexpressed feelings

-Mineral retention in bones helps keep electrolyte stability

Indicators of imbalance: bone spurs, calcification, scoliosis, arthritis, joint ache, brittle enamel, white spots on nails, extra hair development or hair loss.


Majja (Bone Marrow)

~Poorana (Filling)

-In bone hollows

-Within the mind, hypothalamus, spinal chord & cranial nerves

-Creates goals

-Tears from eyes are a by-product

Indicators of imbalance: sluggishness, osteoporosis, arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, neurological points, epilepsy, poor communication, lack of information, anxiousness, worry, poor coordination, shingles and sciatica.


Skukra (Male Reproductive Tissue)

~Prajanana (Producing)

-Remaining manifestation of meals transformation

-Sperm for males

Indicators of imbalance: low libido or the alternative, sterility, worry, ache


Artava (Feminine Reproductive Tissues)

~Prajanana (Producing)

-Remaining manifestation of meals transformation

-Cells in ovaries for girls

Indicators of imbalance: low libido or the alternative, sterility, worry, ache


To assist nourish rasa, do that Rasāyana recipe!

Date Rasāyana

8oz milk

4 dates

4 almonds

2-4 saffron threads

¼ tsp. cardamom powder

Soak the dates and almonds in water in a single day. Within the morning, take away pores and skin from almonds and pressure water out. Mix all components and luxuriate in as a shake!


Easy Recipe:

Soak 5 dates in heat water in a single day. Mix with heat milk within the morning and drink 2 hours earlier than different meals is consumed. That is to deal with rasa depletion.




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