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Sumo Squat: Appropriate Kind, Advantages, & Programming Ideas

We guess you noticed the phrase sumo and the very first thing that got here to thoughts was the favored deadlift variation. Whereas many individuals are conscious of and use the sumo deadlift, its squat counterpart, the sumo squat, is way too uncared for.

It could possibly be as a result of the again squat is an unbelievable train and exhausting to beat. And once you discover one thing that works, why swap it up?

However we’re right here to let you know that variation is nice! And the sumo squat? It is a wonderful asset that deserves a spot in your coaching program. Sumo squats even provide a couple of distinctive coaching advantages {that a} front and back squat can not, together with their skill to enhance the hips’ vary of movement.

This text will go over all the pieces you could find out about this wonderful decrease physique motion, together with:

  • What’s the sumo squat?
  • Muscle tissues labored with the sumo squat
  • Advantages of the sumo squat
  • Tips on how to carry out the sumo squat
  • Sumo squat variations
  • Tips on how to program the sumo squat

In the event you’ve been in search of a brand new squat variation, this may be it.

sumo squat with weight

What are Sumo Squats?

The sumo squat is a lower-body compound motion that may be a variation of the standard squat. The sumo squat’s primary distinction is its additional vast stance, which supplies beginning to its identify because it resembles a sumo wrestler, much like the sumo deadlift.

The sumo stance is often round double that of a traditional squat stance along with your toes turned outward barely. This leads to a extra upright torso, requiring core power to maintain from falling over.

Sumo Squat Vs. Conventional Squat

Many individuals will clearly need to know the variations between the sumo squat vs common squat. This is a fast rundown of each decrease physique workout routines.

The normal squat makes use of a narrower stance as you stand along with your toes barely wider than hip-width aside. The sumo squat will likely be about twice this.

Throughout the conventional squat, the toes are pointed straight. When performing the sumo squat, they are going to be turned outward.

The sumo squat makes use of a extra upright torso when in comparison with the standard squat. It’s because the hips do not transfer as far again, and the burden wants to remain over the toes.

Whereas each are nice for constructing power, the again squat can make the most of a bigger load.

Sumo Squat Muscle tissues Labored

The goal muscle tissue of the sumo squat are much like conventional squats, however the activation varies barely. Here’s a evaluate of how a sumo squat stresses your musculature, together with sumo squats muscle tissue labored.


The glutes confer with all three gluteal muscle tissue: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

As a complete, when discussing sumo squats work what muscle tissue, the sumo squat works the glutes equally to many different squat variations. And excluding the entrance squat, it might be barely extra environment friendly at activating the gluteus maximus in comparison with different squats. Nonetheless, the distinction in activation is not massively vital.

To be clear, this does not imply it would not activate the glutes, because it does produce excessive ranges of activation. This simply means it isn’t essentially higher than different variations.


The quadriceps are one of many thigh muscle tissue and prolong the knee. The quads are composed of 4 totally different muscle tissue:

  • Vastus Intermedius: Center of the thighs
  • Vastus Lateralis: Outdoors of the thighs
  • Vastus Medialis: Inside the thighs
  • Rectus Femoris: Overlays the vastus intermedius

Research analyzing the impact of foot positioning on squats discovered {that a} wider stance produced vital muscle activation within the quad muscle tissue, making it a fantastic quad train¹.

Whereas most would assume the largest distinction can be the a part of the internal thighs (vastus medialis), research present this is not totally true. The vastus lateralis and rectus femoris are considerably affected, with these two muscle tissue seeing the largest distinction in muscle activation².


Consisting of the biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus, the hamstrings sit on the posterior thighs, with their major operate being knee flexion. This muscle group additionally performs a job in hip extension. Throughout the sumo squat, the hamstring muscle tissue act as an antagonist to the quadriceps and assist in hip extension.

Whereas the hamstrings include three muscle tissue, analysis has solely been executed on one in every of them, the biceps femoris, throughout the sumo squat³. Much like the opposite decrease physique muscle tissue, the biceps femoris has comparatively comparable activation when in comparison with different squats.

A examine from 2020 confirmed that in a sumo squat, the activation of the hamstrings is:

  • The identical because the again squat
  • Barely greater than the hack squat and entrance squat
  • Barely lower than the Zercher squat

Erector Spinae:

The erector spinae is a muscle that runs from the bottom of the backbone and up the again. Because it travels up, the erector spinae branches out and “wraps” across the again. When working along with the core, this supplies the rigidness wanted to take care of stability within the core, that means erector spinae workout routines are important.

Throughout the sumo squat, these muscle tissue had been discovered to have excessive ranges of muscle activation all through the movement². The extent of activation is comparable for quite a lot of squat variations, that means that the sumo variation is not essentially “higher” than different squats, primarily as a result of they’re all superior.

Adductors And Abductors:

The hip adductors are internal thigh muscle tissue situated within the groin space. Alternatively, the hip abductors are thigh muscle tissue that sit on the surface of the leg.

Throughout sumo squats, the abductor and adductor muscle tissue work to stabilize the hips as they pull on each other to create a strong construction, permitting you to carry out the motion with correct type and biomechanics.

Of those, the adductor longus is the one one which’s been examined in a examine on sumo squats, and it did present larger muscle activation². Whenever you carry out this transfer, you’ll really feel a pull in your internal thighs and groin space. That is an indication it is a fantastic internal thigh train!

Sumo Squat Advantages

Why must you carry out a sumo squat? There are a number of advantages of sumo squats, making it a must-include train in any exercise break up.

1. Improve Decrease Physique Energy:

Even with the totally different variables, the sumo squat continues to be a squat, that means it’ll practice the entire decrease physique muscle tissue. Additional, in comparison with numerous squat variations, sumo squats allow most individuals to make use of heavier weights.

This locations extra vital stress on the physique, which requires larger neuromuscular management, leading to a rise in muscular power. Whereas we will not definitively say this may result in extra power good points in comparison with different squats, it is positively not going to harm!

2. Enhance Athletic Efficiency:

Decrease physique power is among the primary predictors of sports activities success. It may possibly predict top-end velocity, acceleration, decrease physique energy manufacturing, and general practical power.

The sumo squat holds its personal when in comparison with a conventional squat, as they’re each efficient at bettering power. It is a protected guess to counsel this might switch into athletic efficiency as nicely.

Additional, as a result of it trains the physique to be robust in several positions, the physique will likely be higher geared up to deal with numerous conditions. That is important for sports activities, as something can occur.

3. Mitigate Curvature In The Again:

One distinctive advantage of the sumo squat is that research present trainees are inclined to have much less bend of their again. Research have proven that once you stand along with your toes vast and your toes turned out, you’re much less more likely to have curvature within the lumbar spine¹.

It’s because the torso is extra upright, much like the entrance squat.

4. Praise A Weight Loss Eating regimen:

The sumo squat is a compound motion that makes use of a variety of muscle mass. Additional, these muscle tissue labored can deal with giant hundreds, that means that the physique is exerting a variety of work.

Consequently, this may assist burn extra energy and protect muscle mass. It is the perfect train for any reducing exercise and eating regimen plan!

Correct Kind Of A Sumo Squat

As a consequence of its wider stance, the sumo squat might be an odd transfer for many individuals to grasp. Earlier than you start loading with heavy weights, follow the motion utilizing solely your physique weight to be certain you possibly can carry out it with no points.

These instructions for methods to do sumo squats are for the sumo squat with barbell, so the first step is to load the barbell. In the event you desire dumbbells, you possibly can simply flip this right into a dumbbell sumo squat through the use of 1 or two dumbbells. You may even make it a kettlebell sumo squat. To do both of those, maintain your load in entrance of you or between your legs, and comply with the identical instructions.

And, keep in mind, inexperienced persons ought to begin with the body weight variation earlier than progressing to weights.

An essential be aware earlier than getting began: Discovering the beginning place would be the trickiest half, as it’s such a brand new motion. When discovering the vast stance, it is going to be about twice as vast as your regular stance. This may differ some based mostly in your biomechanics.

For foot place, flip your toes outward. Performing the sumo squat with toes pointing ahead will increase the prospect of your knees caving inward (knee valgus), putting an enormous quantity of stress on the knee joint and probably inflicting critical points.

The optimum angle happens with the toes turned outward at round a 45-degree angle. That is seemingly due to the prevention of knee valgus, however it will probably additionally create much less bend within the lumbar backbone.

Tips on how to do the Barbell Sumo Squat:

dumbell sumo squats

  • Get within the appropriate beginning place for the bar sumo squat. Then, unrack the barbell in the identical method as the usual squat. Place the barbell halfway in your again in order that it rests in your traps, and use an overhand grip. Take one step again and put together your footing.
  • Push your hips and permit your torso to drop. Maintain your higher physique extra upright, tightening your core. Proceed taking place and focus on holding your knees monitoring your toes.
  • Proceed dropping till your hips drop beneath your knees. The entrance of your thigh muscle tissue needs to be parallel to the bottom.
  • When prepared, hold your core tight and push down into the bottom to propel your physique up. Give attention to holding your shoulders over your toes and the bar shifting in a straight line.

Frequent Sumo Squat Errors & Points

Sumo squats are a compound motion that enables for heavier hundreds. If executed incorrectly, it may end up in a number of points. As well as, there are some issues that may complicate performing the sumo squat.

This is what to keep away from doing to make sure correct sumo squat type.

1. Your Knees Cave In:

One of the vital widespread errors when performing sumo squats is letting your knees collapse. This may be brought on by weak point in a number of muscle teams, together with these of the thighs in addition to these of the hip joint, primarily the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and vastus medius indirect.

When the knees collapse, it places an excessive quantity of stress on the knees and might trigger harm. To stop harm to the knees, concentrate on pushing your legs out as you come up. A well-known cue is to faux such as you’re “spreading the bottom aside.”

Additionally, keep in mind to show your toes outward extra as you unfold your toes wider. In the event you hold your toes pointing ahead, you place your leg able the place the knees will need to buckle. If you could, use body weight solely first to make sure you’ve received good type. As soon as you have received it down, you possibly can then safely concentrate on muscle hypertrophy.

2. Your hips are Tight:

Tight hips make it very tough to carry out sumo squats with the right vary of movement. This may be brought on by numerous points, equivalent to tight hip flexors, particularly the iliopsoas.

Throughout sumo squats, if the hip flexors are functioning appropriately, they need to act as hip stabilizers. Nonetheless, issues equivalent to extreme working and even an excessive amount of sitting, can shorten them and trigger tight hips.

It is best to be capable to get in a low squat place comparatively simply. If not, add some particular hip flexor workout routines and stretches to your routine. Most individuals can treatment this by themselves, but when it persists, you might must see a bodily therapist.

3. Your Again Curves:

When performing sumo squats, hold your higher again and core tight. It will assist hold the again straight and, in return, stop harm.

To stop this, at all times load your sumo squats correctly and use acceptable progressive overload.

3 Sumo Squat Variations

Looking for much more selection? Let’s undergo some nice sumo squat variations and options.

1. Plie Squat:

 db sumo squat

The plie squat is a decrease physique train that appears similar to a sumo squat, besides you maintain the weights in entrance of your physique. The plie squat place appears similar to a sumo deadlift with the one distinction being that you just begin on the bottom for the deadlift.

The plie squat is a particularly widespread train to coach the internal thigh muscle tissue and might be carried out on the health club or at house. We wish to carry out these by holding a single dumbbell or kettlebell moderately than two dumbbells.

2. Sumo Goblet Squat:

dumbbell sumo squats

The goblet squat variation is one other quite simple train to coach the decrease physique muscle tissue and strengthen a weak core. Since you maintain the load in entrance of your chest, the transfer tries to tug you ahead, producing an intense stimulus.

These are often carried out along with your toes shoulder-width aside. Nonetheless, if you wish to goal the internal thigh muscle tissue like a sumo squat, you possibly can place your toes barely wider than shoulder width and go from there. Simply keep in mind to show your toes out and align your knees along with your toes.

3. Leg Press With Broad Stance:

sumo squat rotation

The leg press is one in every of our favourite items of kit as it will probably present a heavy load whereas mitigating the chance of harm. Additional, you should utilize nearly any foot placement you need, together with hip width aside, wider than hip width aside, wider than shoulder width aside, single leg, and toes straight or pointing outward.

Through the use of the identical additional vast stance with toes turned out, you’ll place a big load on the internal thighs together with each different muscle within the decrease physique. Once more, simply be aware of mobility within the hips.

How To Program Sumo Squats

Sumo squats present comparable advantages as common squats. On this context, you possibly can add sumo squats to your exercise routine in an identical method. That stated, your coaching program and leg exercise targets will dictate the way you program them.

To extend your practical power, use heavier hundreds (>85%) with excessive units and low reps. For muscle progress, use a lighter weight (70-80% 1RM) with fewer units and better reps.

One tactic we like to make use of to differ exercise concepts is the idea of “train swaps.” This refers back to the follow of swapping workout routines with comparable biomechanics on a rotation. You may make this a deliberate occasion, i.e., as soon as each 6 weeks, or you may do it when your coaching stalls or turns into stagnant.

For instance, you possibly can start utilizing the standard squat in your program. When issues change into stale, begin utilizing the sumo squat.

The Sumo Squat: A Decrease Physique Train Your Exercise Wants

The sumo squat is a superb various to the standard squat. Surprisingly, in response to the research we at present have, the activation of the internal thigh muscle tissue appears to be corresponding to different squats. The truth is, a lot of the muscle tissue labored are comparatively the identical.

Its major advantages are from offering a extra upright torso in addition to bettering the hips’ vary of movement. As well as, its skill to construct power on this vast stance will seemingly enhance hip mobility and hip stability.

On the very least, it is a new superior transfer you should utilize to change issues up.

On the lookout for extra nice squat variations to incorporate in your routine? Take a look at methods to carry out the cossack squat, Zercher squat, and the kneeling squat. Your leg exercise will thanks!


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