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Prime 6 SARMs Cycles for Rookies & Intermediates

Dr George TouliatosDisclaimer: SARMs are solely for use for analysis functions, as they’re non-FDA accepted compounds and thus could trigger adversarial results. You probably have any questions or considerations, Dr. Touliatos is presently out there for consultations.

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) have gotten more and more widespread within the bodybuilding world, as a consequence of their anabolic and lipolytic results.

Nevertheless, there aren’t any official dosing or cycle protocols issued by pharmaceutical authorities. This is because of SARMs being lately formulated substances, and thus are but to be accepted by the FDA.

This information will element the frequent dosages being utilized anecdotally amongst women and men for beauty functions.

First SARM Cycle

An individual’s first SARM cycle is usually an Ostarine-only cycle. This is because of Ostarine having notable results on physique composition (with average muscle-building and fat-burning), along side it being probably the most well-tolerated SARM.

Thus, Ostarine is thought to provide the least unintended effects out of all SARMs, offering a constructive reward-to-risk ratio.

Customers can anticipate to construct as much as 10lbs of muscle on Ostarine, while burning roughly 3% of subcutaneous physique fats.

Ostarine Cycle

  • Week 1: 10mg/day
  • Week 2: 15mg/day
  • Week 3: 20mg/day
  • Week 4: 20mg/day
  • Week 5: 20mg/day
  • Week 6: 20mg/day
  • Week 7: 20mg/day
  • Week 8: 20mg/day

The above dosages are frequent for inexperienced persons throughout their first SARM cycle. 10mg/day and 15mg/day for the primary two weeks slowly introduces Ostarine to the physique, with the dosage growing to a average considered one of 20mg/day for the subsequent 6 weeks.

Some people can take as much as 30mg/day of Ostarine; nevertheless, that is thought of a excessive dose and thus shouldn’t be utilized by novices.

Ladies sometimes take 5-10mg/day of Ostarine for 4-8 weeks.

Ostarine has a half-life of 24 hours, and thus it solely must be administered as soon as per day. 

ostarine before and after

The above person took 20mg/day for 45 days.

He misplaced 3kg (7lbs), notably decreasing his physique fats, while concurrently including important quantities of muscle hypertrophy and power.

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Sports activities Expertise Labs is without doubt one of the few firms to inventory each SARM. Additionally they have a 0% bank card payment coverage (different sources charging as much as 10%).

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Ostarine Facet Results

Ostarine’s unintended effects are thought of gentle in distinction to different SARMs, thus it’s common for customers to not expertise any apparent unintended effects.

Nevertheless, Ostarine does have the facility to trigger hepatic irritation, ldl cholesterol alterations and testosterone suppression.

TUDCA supplementation (500mg/day) might be taken throughout an Ostarine cycle, to forestall ALT (alanine transaminase) and AST (aspartate transaminase) ranges from rising excessively.

Moreover, 4g/day of fish oil, a eating regimen wealthy in unsaturated fat and common cardiovascular train can inhibit elevations in blood strain.

A post-cycle remedy will also be utilized upon cycle cessation to speed up HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis) restoration. One efficient PCT protocol is 20mg/day of Nolvadex, taken for 4 weeks.

Bulking Cycles

RAD 140 Cycle

RAD 140 (Testolone) is taken into account by many to be the greatest SARM, as a consequence of it having distinctive results on muscle hypertrophy and power; with out affecting aromatization or inflicting excessively harsh unintended effects.

RAD 140 customers can construct as much as 15lbs of lean muscle, while burning notable quantities of fats. Customers can even improve their muscular power on compound lifts by 20-30%. RAD-140’s potent anabolic nature means it’s primarily labeled as a bulking SARM.

That is thought of to be the most effective solo SARM cycle males can make the most of; nevertheless, it will not be optimum for inexperienced persons, as a consequence of it being harsher than Ostarine. Thus, a RAD-140 cycle makes for an ideal follow-up cycle to Ostarine.

  • Week 1: 10mg/day
  • Week 2: 10mg/day
  • Week 3: 10mg/day
  • Week 4: 10mg/day
  • Week 5: 10mg/day
  • Week 6: 10mg/day
  • Week 7: 10mg/day
  • Week 8: 10mg/day

RAD-140 is usually taken in dosages of 10-20mg/day for 6-12 weeks. Nevertheless, anecdotally, there may be proof that optimum outcomes might be achieved at 10mg/day. Past this level, additional outcomes could also be minimal (while exacerbating unintended effects).

Skilled customers who’ve constructed up a degree of tolerance to RAD-140, nevertheless, do generally improve their dosage to 15-20mg/day.

RAD 140 has a half-life of 60 hours [1]. Thus, each day dosing shouldn’t be important for peak concentrations within the bloodstream. Nevertheless, the frequent apply for a lot of customers is to take RAD-140 as soon as per day, particularly because it was beforehand believed to own a half-life of 20 hours.

The above person took 10mg/day of RAD-140 for 7 weeks, contributing to a 6.2kg improve in lean physique mass and a 2.8% discount in physique fats. He additionally didn’t expertise any discernible unintended effects from his cycle, aside from elevated perspiration.

His power additionally improved by roughly 20% on the bench press, squat and deadlifts.

RAD 140 Facet Results

RAD 140 will replicate the identical unintended effects as Ostarine, however with extra depth. Thus, liver enzymes will rise, endogenous testosterone will drop considerably and HDL ldl cholesterol can be negatively impacted.

Taking a conservative dosage (10mg/day) is an efficient methodology to mitigate the unintended effects on RAD-140. Moreover, supplementing with 500mg/day of TUDCA and 4g/day of fish oil will scale back hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity.

Nolvadex will even be an efficient PCT therapy (20mg/day x 4 weeks), accelerating the total restoration of the HPTA.

Hair loss or pimples vulgaris can typically be skilled by people genetically inclined to androgenetic alopecia, or overstimulated sebaceous glands. These two unintended effects are potential as a consequence of RAD-140 not directly affecting pure 5 alpha-reductase ranges.

Finest RAD 140 Supply

sports technology labs

Sports activities Expertise Labs is our #1 rated supply for RAD 140, as a consequence of them persistently formulating merchandise at >98% purity; which might be authenticated by way of unbiased COAs (certificates of study).

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LGD-4033 Cycle

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is one other bulking SARM, comparable in efficiency to RAD-140. The overall consensus anecdotally is that LGD-4033 produces larger weight acquire than RAD-140, however each SARMs produce comparable quantities of muscle and power.

LGD-4033 is, nevertheless, barely much less widespread than RAD-140, as a consequence of it growing the physique’s pure aromatization ranges; thus growing estrogen. This contributes to extra water retention, probably obscuring muscle definition. Nevertheless, greater ranges of intracellular fluid could also be preferable to some customers striving for sheer mass within the low season over aesthetics.

LGD-4033 customers sometimes will acquire as much as 20lbs, with roughly 25% of this being water weight.

Some customers reply higher to LGD-4033 and a few to RAD-140, thus it’s advisable to experiment with every of those compounds.

  • Week 1: 6mg/day
  • Week 2: 6mg/day
  • Week 3: 6mg/day
  • Week 4: 6mg/day
  • Week 5: 6mg/day
  • Week 6:  6mg/day
  • Week 7: 6mg/day
  • Week 8: 6mg/day

Dosages of LGD-4033 can sometimes vary from 4-10mg/day, with 6mg/day being the preferred protocol.

LGD-4033 solely must be administered as soon as per day, with it possessing a half-life of 24-36 hours (2).

The above person skilled distinctive ends in muscle hypertrophy, power and subcutaneous fats loss. He ingested 10mg/day for 8 weeks (excessive dose), which contributed to him gaining 20lbs of fat-free mass.

Regardless of taking a excessive dose, this person didn’t report of any disagreeable unintended effects, aside from an insignificant bout of pimples vulgaris. Curiously, he didn’t administer a post-cycle remedy, as he didn’t expertise any low testosterone signs.

LGD-4033 Facet Results

LGD-4033 will mimic the identical unintended effects of RAD 140, to roughly the identical diploma. Thus, notable ldl cholesterol alterations, liver toxicity and testosterone suppression will happen.

Due to this fact, dietary supplements comparable to fish oil (4g/day), TUDCA (500mg/day) and Nolvadex as a PCT (40mg/day) proceed to be essential.

Nevertheless, LGD-4033 is seldom troublesome for androgenic unintended effects (comparable to male sample baldness), as a consequence of it preserving 5 alpha-reductase ranges secure.

Nevertheless, aromatization ranges can improve not directly, probably inflicting puffy nipples and water retention in customers genetically delicate to excessive estrogen.

Reducing Cycles

Cardarine Cycle

Cardarine is a PPARD (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta) agonist; nevertheless, it’s continuously known as a SARM.

Cardarine’s foremost two advantages are fats discount and muscular endurance.

Customers can expertise as much as 40lbs of weight reduction from 8-12 week cycles, even on a conservative dosage. Analysis has additionally proven Cardarine to boost endurance by 68% in simply 3 weeks in rodent fashions [3].

Anecdotally, Cardarine’s fat-burning results are fairly outstanding, with it being probably the most potent lipolytic compounds formulated. Cardarine decreases fats mass by considerably enhancing insulin sensitivity, lipid stability and glucose tolerance. This consequently transitions the physique from beforehand burning glucose for power, to adipose tissue.

Scientific analysis additionally means that Cardarine has gentle anabolic properties [4], which can contribute to muscle retention when chopping.

  • Week 1: 10mg/day
  • Week 2: 10mg/day
  • Week 3: 10mg/day
  • Week 4: 10mg/day
  • Week 5: 10mg/day
  • Week 6: 10mg/day
  • Week 7: 10mg/day
  • Week 8: 10mg/day

Cardarine is usually taken in dosages of 10-20mg/day for 8-12 weeks. Nevertheless, there may be anecdotal proof that decrease dosages and shorter cycle durations can nonetheless yield optimum outcomes.

Cardarine has a half-life of 24 hours and thus might be taken as soon as per day for regular blood ranges. 

The person above cycled Cardarine at 10mg/day throughout week 1, and 20mg/day throughout weeks 2-8. His weight dropped from 205lbs to 165lbs.

cardarine before and after 2

The above person cycled Cardarine for 4 weeks at 10mg/day, enabling him to scale back his weight by 20lbs. This instance reveals that low dosages of Cardarine and brief cycles nonetheless stay very potent.

Cardarine Facet Results

Cardarine shouldn’t be technically a SARM and thus it has differing unintended effects. Cardarine doesn’t trigger impairment to the HPTA and thus endogenous testosterone ranges stay at a regular degree. Levels of cholesterol additionally won’t deteriorate, however truly enhance on Cardarine, making it a cardioprotective stacking choice with SARMs that scale back HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

Nevertheless, as a consequence of Cardarine being administered orally, it does have an adversarial impact on ALT/AST enzymes. Anecdotally, this will not be problematic for many customers within the short-term; nevertheless, warning is required if stacking Cardarine with a number of hepatotoxic SARMs on a frequent foundation.

Analysis has proven Cardarine to be carcinogenic when utilized in excessive dosages (5mg/kg per day) for protracted intervals of time in rodent fashions. Thus, if somebody has unknowingly skilled proliferation of cancerous tumors, Cardarine will exacerbate this situation.

The chance of Cardarine inducing tumors in customary dosages (and brief cycles) is unclear. Nevertheless, we’re conscious of quite a few women and men which are taking Cardarine efficiently with out malignancy. It will be affordable to counsel that the carcinogenic danger of Cardarine could also be depending on the person’s predisposition to most cancers, their dosage and period of use.

Stenabolic Cycle

Stenabolic (SR9009) is a REV-ERB agonist, and thus not technically a SARM.

REV-ERB agonists work by modifying an individual’s physique clock. Thus, they’re formulated with the target of inducing wakefulness throughout sunlight hours.

Stenabolic improves glucose and lipid metabolism, growing a person’s basal metabolic charge. Stenabolic additionally has direct fat-burning properties, because it shifts the physique’s main power supply from glucose to fats shops.

Stenabolic is analogous in efficiency to Cardarine, making it a possible cancer-free various compound. Customers can anticipate distinctive fat-burning and considerably improved muscular endurance.

Most customers can anticipate a 5% lower in physique fats from Stenabolic, when administered appropriately.

Stenabolic has a really low organic availability when taken in capsule kind, thus customers are unlikely to expertise any results. Probably the most optimum strategies to manage Stenabolic are by injecting it or taking it sublingually. Merely swallowing won’t be sufficient for enough absorption of this compound.

Taking Stenabolic sublingually includes putting the answer beneath the tongue and letting it sit for 10-15 seconds earlier than swallowing. This allows a quick and environment friendly entry into the bloodstream, as a consequence of it making contact with the mucus membrane and thus bypassing first-pass metabolism.

The next dosages are tailor-made for taking Stenabolic sublingually. 

  • Week 1: 3omg/day
  • Week 2: 30mg/day
  • Week 3: 30mg/day
  • Week 4: 30mg/day
  • Week 5: 30mg/day
  • Week 6: 30mg/day
  • Week 7: 30mg/day
  • Week 8: 30mg/day

Typical Stenabolic dosages vary from 20-30mg/day.

As Stenabolic has a really brief half-life (4-6 hours), it ought to be taken 3x per day (10mg at breakfast, 10mg at lunch and 10mg at dinner). 

stenabolic results

The above person took 20mg/day of Stenabolic for 8 weeks, together with 15-20mg/day of RAD 140. He misplaced appreciable quantities of fats (5% in physique fats) and added roughly 8lbs of muscle tissue, while consuming in a 500-calorie deficit.

Stenabolic Facet Results

Stenabolic-users report of only a few unintended effects; nevertheless, a short lived stimulative impact to the central nervous system might be anticipated. Thus, delicate customers could expertise elevated sweating, brought on by greater epinephrine ranges.

Notice: Ostarine might be stacked with Cardarine or Stenabolic for additional fats loss and muscle retention when chopping (Ostarine dosage: 20mg/day for 8 weeks).

RAD-140 / LGD-4033 / MK-677 Cycle

Intermediate customers who’ve already run a number of SARM cycles and wish to maximize beneficial properties in muscle hypertrophy, could mix RAD-140, LGD-4033 and MK-677 concurrently.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) is a progress hormone secretagogue usually mixed with SARMs to boost anabolism and the discount of subcutaneous fats. Its muscle-building results are thought of stronger than its lipolytic properties, and thus it’s extra generally utilized in bulking cycles.

MK-677 by itself can add 6lbs of lean muscle tissue to first-time customers. When utilized with RAD-140 and LGD-4033, muscle hypertrophy and power will enhance considerably.

This stack shouldn’t be appropriate for inexperienced persons, however for intermediates who’ve already cycled LGD-4033 or RAD-140 with well-managed unintended effects.

Such a stack will allow customers to proceed including muscle mass, after preliminary progress spurts from a RAD-140-only cycle, or an LGD-4033-only cycle.

  • Week 1-2: LGD-4033 (5mg/day) / RAD-140 (5mg/day) / MK-677 (10mg/day)
  • Week 3-8: LGD-4033 (5mg/day) / RAD-140 (15mg/day) / MK-677 (20mg/day)

sarms before and after

The above person cycled MK-677, RAD-140 and LGD-4033 collectively, inducing constructive enhancements in muscle hypertrophy, thickness and power.

These outcomes are typical of a person who has already taken SARMs or anabolic steroids, and desires to take a potent bulking stack to beat a hypertrophy plateau.

RAD 140 / LGD-4033 / MK-677 Facet Results

This ought to be thought of a harsh SARM cycle, and thus levels of cholesterol will surge, in addition to ALT/AST enzymes, presenting important cardiac and hepatic toxicity. Customers will even grow to be very suppressed post-cycle, requiring an aggressive PCT to get well endogenous testosterone.

The next is a really potent PCT protocol designed by Dr. Michael Scally:

  • hCG – 2000 IU administered each different day for 20 days
  • Tamoxifen (nolvadex) – 2 x 20mg for 45 days
  • Clomiphene (clomid) – 2 x 50mg for 30 days

This trio of medicines have been utilized in medical trials to deal with hypogonadal males with 100% success inside 45 days.

MK-677 can even trigger improve visceral fats ranges, inflicting a bloated look to the midsection. Visceral fats is the inner adipose tissue that surrounds the organs, which varied anabolic steroids additionally improve, inflicting a ‘steroid intestine’ impact.

MK-677 can even exacerbate blood strain, as a consequence of elevated blood sugar ranges, growing the chance of atherosclerosis. As RAD-140 and LGD-4033 will even spike blood strain, as a consequence of reductions in HDL ldl cholesterol; blood strain ought to be carefully monitored throughout this cycle.


How Lengthy to Wait Between SARM Cycles?

Relaxation time ought to at the least equal the period of use. Thus, if a SARM cycle final 8 weeks, the person ought to relaxation for no less than 8 weeks. Nevertheless, extra importantly, an individual ought to be in optimum well being earlier than beginning any SARMs cycle.

Are The Outcomes Everlasting?

Anecdotally, fats loss outcomes can usually be maintained post-cycle, assuming the individual eats upkeep energy or much less.

Muscle beneficial properties are predominantly maintained post-cycle if customers proceed lifting weights.

LGD-4033-users are more likely to lose roughly 20% of weight post-cycle, which might be attributed to water loss.

Endurance beneficial properties from Cardarine and Stenabolic can decline post-cycle; nevertheless, the vast majority of the outcomes might be maintained with common cardiovascular train.



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