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Moisture Is The Essence Of Wetness… – Bike Snob NYC

It’s raining right this moment, however I rode anyway, since not solely do I’ve a superbly good rain bike…

…however because of Vulpine I even have a wonderful rain jacket:

Right here’s what it appears like on an getting older moist schlub:

Certain, there are cheaper methods to remain dry, however that is properly lower and fairly snug, and this previous September I even donned it earlier than descending a large mountain:

That story is at present with a authentic publication and as quickly as they resolve to legitimately publish it I’ll let you realize.

Talking of Vulpine, I’ve additionally been getting good use out of this insulated using shirt:

It’s heat, it’s comfortable, and it affords you loads of mobility if you’re pretending to inflate your tire whereas being pressured to put on a helmet:

I additionally nonetheless put on their denims just about every single day, on the bike and off, and so they’ve been fairly sturdy whereas providing sweatpant-like consolation. The truth is you’d be exhausting pressed to search out somebody with higher bike commuting apparel than me–and but I’ve nowhere to commute to, go determine.

Shifting on, in non-haberdashery information, bear in mind how again in 2016 Zipp/SRAM/and so on. got here out with a wheel formed like a whale fin?

Properly I simply noticed on the VeloNews that they’re suing another firm for copying it:

Although if anyone is gonna sue anyone shouldn’t it’s the whales suing SRAM?

Both approach, you’ve obtained to understand the advertising savvy of “inventor” Dimitrios Katsanis:

Who primarily based your complete gimmick idea on some random whale paper from 1995:

The patents describe a rim or spokes with an “undulating configuration” that’s stated to scale back aerodynamic drag, particularly in crosswinds. Among the many publications cited within the patents is “Hydrodynamic Design of the Humpback Whale Flipper,” revealed within the Journal of Morphology in 1995.

From what I can inform, Katsanis does have an extended and completed profession each in and past biking, however I’m nonetheless keen to wager that on this explicit occasion he thought the phrase “morphology” was cool and labored backwards from there.

All that apart although, if Princeton is arguing that their wheel is any totally different from SRAM’s, then their case has extra holes than a whale’s baleen:

However perhaps they’re arguing one thing else, and if that’s the case I can’t be bothered to search out out what, as a result of I’ve little interest in gimmicky wheels past laughing at them and so I’ve formally stopped caring as of the top of this sentence.

I’m nonetheless fascinated by aquatic mammals, although:

That fin would make a unbelievable rim.

Lastly, given my tribulations over the flawed design of the first-generation C-File rear derailleur, it’s good to know I can at all times improve to the revised model:

At that worth clearly I ordered two of them.



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