Additional to my point out of the Vengeance Bike yesterday

…I in fact first took supply of it final spring in order that I might precise my revenge upon the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour. Nicely, I clearly succeeded in that regard, regardless of some fearsome competitors:

Now it’s 2023, and I’m right here to remind you that registration for this yr’s experience opens on January eleventh. Here’s a video to that impact:

Discover I’m sporting a protecting foam bicycling hat as per Bike New York protocol, even whereas I fake to inflate my tire:

Although I did take away it to eat my lunch, and to this point they haven’t complained:

Anyway, I’m planning to experience it once more, although I’m undecided if I’ll experience the Vengeance Bike since I’ve already gotten satisfaction. Possibly I’ll experience an ElliptiGO, or else a fixie:

They’re each ultimate for that Verrazzano descent.