The Meadows row is an upper-body pulling train involving a barbell and a landmine attachment.

It’s a mainstay of many power coaching applications as a result of it lets you prepare your total again with out placing a lot stress in your backbone. 

It additionally permits you to prepare your again unilaterally, which suggests it’s helpful for night out any dimension and power imbalances you may need.

On this article, you’ll study what the Meadows row is, why it’s helpful, the best way to use correct Meadows row kind, the perfect Meadows row alternate options, and extra.

What Is the Meadows Row?

The Meadows row is a again train carried out in a staggered stance utilizing a barbell and a landmine attachment.

It was invented by former bodybuilder, coach, and on-line health persona John “Mountain Canine” Meadows (therefore the identify).

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Meadows Row: Advantages

1. It trains your total again.

Analysis reveals that horizontal pulling workout routines, just like the Meadows row, prepare your total again, together with your lats, rhomboids, traps, rear delts, infraspinatus, teres main and minor, and erector spinae.

Workout routines that prepare a number of muscle teams concurrently are known as compound workout routines. They’re helpful as a result of they will let you elevate extra weight safely, which is usually higher for muscle and power acquire. 

They’re additionally extra time-efficient since you don’t must do a number of workout routines to coach every muscle group individually.

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2. It’s preferrred for folks with lower-back issues

Not like many different compound again workout routines, such because the barbell row and deadlift, the Meadows row train permits you to brace your torso towards your leg, which suggests it lightens the load in your backbone (when carried out appropriately). 

This makes it preferrred for folks attempting to coach round a again harm.

3. It trains your again unilaterally.

The Meadows row is a unilateral train, which suggests it permits you to prepare one aspect of your physique at a time. 

That is helpful as a result of unilateral workout routines . . .

  • Could allow you to elevate extra whole weight than you’ll be able to with some bilateral workout routines (workout routines that prepare each side of the physique on the identical time), which can assist you acquire extra muscle over time
  • Assist you to develop a higher mind-muscle connection along with your lats, traps, and rhomboids since you solely must deal with one aspect of your physique at a time
  • Assist you to appropriate muscle imbalances, as a result of each side of your physique are pressured to elevate the identical quantity of weight (one aspect can’t “take over” from the opposite)
  • Could enhance a number of features of your athletic efficiency greater than bilateral workout routines

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Meadows Row: Muscular tissues Labored

The Meadows row trains your entire again muscle mass, together with the . . .

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Teres main and minor
  • Infraspinatus
  • Posterior deltoid

It additionally works the erector spinae, forearms and biceps to a lesser extent, too.

Right here’s how the principle again muscle mass labored by the Meadows row look in your physique:


Meadows Row: Type

One of the simplest ways to learn to carry out the Meadows row is to interrupt it into three elements: arrange, row, and prolong. 


1. Set Up

Wedge one finish of a barbell into the nook of the room or insert it right into a landmine attachment and cargo the opposite finish with weight. 

Place your proper foot perpendicular to the barbell and round 6-to-8 inches from the weighted finish. Place your left foot 6-to-8 inches behind the burden plates (staggered stance), along with your toes dealing with no matter route is most snug. 

Bend each knees, bend over on the waist so your again is sort of parallel with the ground, and place your proper forearm in your proper thigh. 

Whereas protecting your again flat, seize the top of the barbell along with your left hand. In case you’re utilizing lifting straps, wrap the strap across the barbell.

2. Row

Maintaining your again flat, pull the barbell till your left hand touches your torso and your elbows are about 8-to-10 inches out of your left aspect.

(Tip: A useful cue is to think about touching the ceiling along with your elbow.)

3. Prolong

As soon as your hand touches your torso, reverse the motion and return to the beginning place. This can be a mirror picture of what you probably did through the row.

Don’t let the burden yank your arm again to the beginning place or attempt to prolong your arm slowly. Your complete “extension” needs to be managed however solely take a couple of second.

Once you’ve accomplished the specified variety of reps, change sides and repeat the method along with your proper arm.

Right here’s the way it ought to look while you put all of it collectively:


The Greatest Meadows Row Alternate options

1. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

18.PULL-One Arm Dubbell Row

The one-arm dumbbell row trains your again equally to the Meadows row. The good thing about the one-arm dumbbell row is it’s barely simpler to arrange than the Meadows row. 

The draw back, nevertheless, is you’ll be able to solely progress as much as the heaviest dumbbells accessible in your gymnasium (often round 100 kilos), whereas with the Meadows row you’ll be able to proceed so as to add weight for much longer. 

That is vital as a result of lifting heavier weights over time is the easiest way to maximize the muscle-building results of weightlifting.

2. Seated Cable Row

22.PULL-Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row trains your again about in addition to the Meadows row. Utilizing a cable as a substitute of a barbell places fixed rigidity in your muscle mass all through every rep, which trains your again muscle mass barely in another way.

3. Barbell Row


Since you use a little bit of leg drive to get the bar shifting, you’ll be able to typically elevate extra weight with the barbell row than you’ll be able to with different again workout routines. This is likely one of the causes analysis reveals that the barbell row is extremely efficient for coaching your total again.

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