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Friday Favorites + I Did It.

I did it. I’ve had a goal since the beginning of my Pelotoning days to break 600 in a 45-minute class, and I finally did it. I can’t believe how much stronger I feel running when I include biking often. Every recipe is different for every runner, but I am positive the Peloton is part of my perfect recipe.

I went for a four-mile run after the bike ride and had a few thoughts about maybe doing a triathlon…

Quick flashback to 2007 when I did a few short ones with my aunt.

The first thing Beck said when he woke up yesterday was, ‘I want to go to cross-country today.’ He doesn’t understand that our season is over, but I’m sure glad he already loves running (or being surrounded by 50 kids;).

We got to see my mom.

And you guessed it, more soccer. Brooke had two soccer tryouts yesterday.

We got home at 8 pm, and I could have slept for 12 hours.
The night happily ended with this.

I’m keeping today’s Friday Favorites pretty simple…

*Another Mother’s Day gift that was exactly what I needed. THIS PILLOW. Andrew knows I take my sleep very seriously, and this is the best pillow I have ever tried (54k ratings agree, ha). You can add or remove foam and adjust it to fit what you love and how you sleep ideally. I’m a fan. I love sleep.

*These black bean and sweet potato burritos are so good, and I’ve been putting the leftover burritos in the air fryer, and it is pure heaven.

*I could wear these t-shirts every day. I wear a size 6, and they are so so soft on the skin.

Have a long run or race this weekend?

Where is your favorite place to get t-shirts?

Who has a Peloton goal?

What is/would be the most challenging part of a triathlon for you?



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