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A Highlight on Your Kidneys – Zevia

How usually do you concentrate on your kidneys? This March, throughout Nationwide Kidney Month, we encourage you to present some thought to your kidney well being. In spite of everything, kidney illness is a possible danger for 1 out of each 3 People.

Your kidneys are outstanding organs

Kidneys are outstanding. They’re your blood’s cleansing system. They filter the waste out of 200 liters of blood every day. They stability your physique’s salt, potassium, acid content material, and fluid ranges. In addition they activate Vitamin D to promote robust bones!

Information about kidney illness

Whereas greater than 26 million People have kidney illness because of diabetes, hypertension, or a household historical past of kidney failure, many do not understand it. In America, kidney illness is the ninth main reason behind loss of life, however it usually has no apparent signs. Early detection is necessary, so ask your physician if you will get examined for kidney illness throughout your annual bodily with a urine or blood check.

Preserve wholesome kidneys

Prevention is the very best treatment, and there are easy steps you possibly can take to forestall or decrease your danger of kidney illness.

  1. Keep hydrated. You kidneys want hydration to work correctly as they filter out waste by way of your urine.
  2. Eat a wholesome, balanced, and aware food plan. Eat meals containing antioxidants that promote kidney well being. Examples of kidney “superfoods” embrace purple bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, berries, and egg whites.
  3. Decrease the salt in your food plan. Sodium will increase blood stress, and hypertension damages your kidneys.
  4. Management your blood sugar. Diabetes is a serious contributor to kidney illness as a result of it damages the blood vessels in your physique which prevents your kidneys from working correctly.
  5. Stay a wholesome life. Meaning sustaining a wholesome weight, no smoking, loads of train, and consuming alcohol moderately!

Zevia is proud to be kidney pleasant. Our drinks include no phosphate, potassium, or calcium components. Stevia sweetened with no caramel coloration or synthetic colours, Zevia merchandise are created with the cleanest attainable substances. Deal with your kidneys this month and each month.



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